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Web console panel with websocket
2017-11-06 / 2 min read
Simulate console in web/html page with websocket server.

Idea from AndroidConsoleServer (I call it ACS), but ACS uses jquery for looply fetch server data, not convenient for server commands developing. With websocket, server could send information to web page by itself.

Three important parts consist this console server, Commands Parser & Websockets & Html

Commands parser

Using java annotation for mark the command methods:

public @interface Command {

<!-- more -->

    public String value();

    public String description();

Then we could add new command by just add a new annotation method:

@Command(value = "hello",description = "say hello")
private void hello(String[] args){
    // say hi to web client side
    ConsoleManager.append("\t\tHi  ^ ^");


Just handle the message sent from web page by parsing the command text:

public void onMessage(WebSocketFrame message, SimpleWebSocketServer simpleWebSocket) {
    String msg = message.getTextPayload();
    String result = console.console_run(msg);


Rendering the console layout and handling the server message sent via websockets:

function startWebSocket() {
    if (window.WebSocket) {
        updateConsole("This browser supports WebSocket!!")
        var wsUri = "ws://" + document.domain + ":8083/";
        websocket = new WebSocket(wsUri);
        websocket.onopen = function (evt) {
        websocket.onclose = function (evt) {
        websocket.onmessage = function (evt) {
        websocket.onerror = function (evt) {
    } else {
        updateConsole("This browser does not supports WebSocket!!")
function onOpen(evt) {
    updateConsole("connection built!!")
function onClose(evt) {
    updateConsole("connection lost!!")
function onMessage(evt) {
//            commandIndex = index;
//            $("#input").val(String(data));
function onError(evt) {