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Unity - Assets Checker Plugin
2019-04-11 / 1 min read

My Unity Plugin published: Asset Checker

1. This tool is developed for checking assets in game project with error or not best practice importing settings

2. Currently Checked Assets Type

  • Texture2D
    • Texture file size
    • Dimensions
    • Read/Write enable
    • Generate mipmap enable
  • AudioClip
    • Large audioclip using Streaming loadtype
    • Force mono
  • Font
- Font file size
- Custom set enable

3. How to USE:

  • First click Assets/Check/ enable this tool

  • How to check

    • Check all [Texture2D/AudioClip/Font] in the SELECTED folder

    • Check all SELECTED assets

  • How to auto-fix

    • Fix all [Texture2D/AudioClip/Font] in the SELECTED folder
    • Fix all SELECTED assets
  • How to ignore some assets

    • Ignore folder

    • Ignore rules of one asset

      • Open Config window
      • Select Assets tab

4. Advanced usage

  • Customize checking rule