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Android console server for app debugging
2017-11-01 / 2 min read

When No usb cabble connecting to your android phone,but you need to check your app's log information.

You can use Android Console Server

Using a NanoHTTPD Server on app side for serving the console command and request.

  • TODO:
    • list external app directory infos
    • clear external app directory files
    • format activity info string


  1. Start Server On Phone

    • start code
    // init with application context
    // start listen on port 8443
    • Then you can use open console web page at your phone's ip:port with any browsers you like.
  2. Start Server On Lan Device For Manager Working Devices

    • Compile hostapp module to get app zip:
      • Windows User
      gradlew assemblDist
      • Linux/Mac User
      ./gradlew assemblDist
    • Start HostApp
      • Linux/Mac User
      • Windows User
  3. Open the server address by browser

TIPS: your phone's ip must be reachable!


This is using the NanoHTTPD library.
AndroidConsoleServer based on Lopez Mikhael's AndroidWebServer and is licensed under a Apache License 2.0.