Unity - Simple Image Downloader

a simple image downloader, it downloads images via a queue and by UnityWebRequest and Coroutine.

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class ImageDownloader : MonoSingleton<ImageDownloader>
    private const int MAX_REQUEST = 10;

    public Action<UnityWebRequest, string> OnError;





  • 开机狂按左右
  • 开机狂按待机


  • 恢复出厂设置
  • 开启远程连接


  • 空间不够?

Unity - Record Scene sounds

Sometimes we just wanna record sounds from scene, so Unity's MicroPhone API would not be very useful.

But we have OnAudioFilterRead to do this kind of action.

Share a solution which is from

This script should be added to a Unity AudioListener GameObject then it could do its works.


  • Create a MonoBehaviour script with an OnAudioFilterRead method
    // write the incoming audio to the output string
    void OnAudioFilterRead(float[] data, int channels)

Unity - Markdown Render for UIWidgets

New unity plugin has been released:
markdown render for uiwidgets

What is UIWidgets?

UIWidget is a Unity Package which helps developers to create, debug and deploy efficient, cross-platform Apps. Details could be found at their github page

What does this plugin do?

Just parse and render raw markdown strings into UIWidgets elements.

How to use

    1. You must learn how to use UIWidgets first
    1. Import UIWidgets into your Unity project according to Requirements
    1. Then import this plugin into your Unity project

Webview in Unity

Recently I war working on creating a blog app by using Unity UIWidgets, actually it's not bad.
But when I click on the page's link, it refered to phone's system browser. It's not what I wanted.

So I found some webview solutions for Unity. Below is what I'm using.

Why did I choose this one?

  • It was the first one working on my iPhone
  • It could work in MacOS Unity Editor, it is so wonderful that I could debug directly in my Editor.

How to use

  • Before use it directly, I wrapped it with below's code.
    public class WebViewManager : MonoSingleton<WebViewManager>